– NYC : 6.8-12.2022 –

 – A look back & A look through … –


 – ‘Regularing‘ with Eino
Rest In Peace, Friend.

 – Sculpture Installation at Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas
& Visit to The Girls School of Austin

 – “I think the most rewarding sculpture I ever made sits at the Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas. It’s called Tree of Life and it was created by collaborating with children who were on dialysis machines. For me that was the most rewarding, because those children would call to their moms and say, ‘Mom! See what I have done? Look at my work!’

“That sculpture had a purpose because I can imagine being 5, 6, or 7 years old and being on a dialysis machine for two or three hours, and you know that if you don’t do it, it’s goodbye. That sculpture is right next to the front door where those children walk in, and that to me is more rewarding than any economic reward could ever be.” ~Eino

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 – Upcoming Shoots …


– 2017 | Learning Digital Video & Edit

– Test shoot and early attempts at video editing. Special Thank You to – Lila + June – & – Western Whims – for hosting me briefly during – EAST 2017 – (above: MiniDoc w/Interviews | below: Teaser/Promo)

– Very Special Thank You as well to – Devin Jake – for allowing use of his original song “Anywhere Bound” –

– Collaborations | 2014-2016

– Test Shoot With Chrissy G. –

– Promo/Album Art Photo Shoot with Jxckson

– Mr. &  Mrs. Chris and Mandi Harrison –

– Promo/Album Art Photo Shoot with HOWDY

– Fashion|Style Blog Photo Shoot (impromptu) with KYork of StyleMe by Kristin York

– Album Art Photo Shoot with ‘Rosie’ of ROSIE AND THE RAMBLERS


 – Early Work | 2007-2014